How are our supporters tied to our organisation?

On completion of the agreement form a unique (QR) code is generated for your organisation. If that code is used as part of a consumer’s registration process for the bucqi app, it ties them to your organisation. Note: a consumer can only be tied to one organisation.

What are the benefits to our organisation?

For any supporter that has followed the process above, your organisation will receive 1% (including gst) of every transaction they make using the bucqi platform. This will be paid each month into the bank account you gave us. This is an opportunity for your organisation to add another fundraising stream without the cost of set up or implementation. It is intended to work alongside what you do rather than replace. Your supporters will be fundraising when spending on things they buy every day, such as coffee, hair and beauty, vehicle maintenance, entertainment and more. These businesses they buy from are typically locally owned and small to medium in size which could bring about a greater sense of community between your organisation, supporters and local businesses.

Are there any administrative costs as part of this agreement?

No. The organisation program has no administrative costs.

What are the benefits to our supporters?

For each and every dollar your supporters spend with a bucqi merchant they will instantly receive at least 20% back as bucqi dollars. This credit will appear in their bucqi app. They can then spend these dollar for dollar at any participating bucqi outlets as part payment (again minimum 20%) for products or services within these local businesses.

How do we promote bucqi to our supporters so they download the app and tie themselves to us?

We can provide collateral which will outline the process of downloading the app to your supporters and how their using the app on every day spends can help raise funds for the organisation. When they download the app and we capture their details they will receive promotional and educational communications from us as part of our normal business. The value of keeping bucqi front of mind with your supporters to complement your fund raising efforts is something that may form part of your own regular communications with your supporters.