How will bucqi transactions appear on my Bartercard Statement?

A daily total for Trade Dollars paid out by you as bucqs will appear as one daily spend on any day that a bucqi transaction takes place. When you accept any payment in bucqs these will appear as a single daily Trade Dollar sales total on your Bartercard statement. You will also get a daily statement showing each bucqi transaction, the rewards given out and received, the fees charged and the cash amount that will be processed back to the bank account you nominated on your application form.

Is there a separate monthly marketing & support fee for bucqi?

here are no charges on top of the monthly fees other than standard transaction fees of 6.5% cash + GST and 1% Trade + GST for using the service. You can choose to use your own tablet. If you wish to purchase a tablet from us to process transactions we have two options for this. The first is to pay a one- off amount (around $90) or pay $11 per month for 12 months.

Is there any ‘sign up’ membership charge for bucqi?

No. It is part of your Bartercard membership if you choose to take it up.

How do I get paid?

The transaction fees of 6.5% cash + GST and 1% Trade + GST are charged at point of transaction. At the end of each day the net amount will be deposited in the bank account nominated by you when your bucqi account was created. For example a $100 transaction would mean that a credit of $92.52 would be processed that evening.

How do I alter the percentages for rewards I give and receive for a transaction?

As part of your welcome pack you will receive a web page login that will enable you to control the levels of rewards you give out and receive. You may increase the standard minimum 20% rewards that you offer each day. You can have differing rates on the amount you wish to reward clients with or accept as part payment from on any given day.

How are bucqi customers going to find my business?

bucqi is a mobile rewards app. It has a directory enables customers to search for businesses via industry and location. Search results will display in the order of combined % rewards offered and location. If a customer is looking for a café in Wellington and your café is offering a higher combined % of rewards paid and accepted than others, then your business will appear above that of your competitor.

Where will bucqi customers come from?

They will come from all walks of life within your community. We at bucqi are working very closely with charities, local community organisations and sports clubs to encourage their supporters and members to become users of the bucqi rewards app. There is also an expectation that, as the expert in your own business, you too will explain the benefits of bucqi to your customers. A growing network of users will benefit your business too.

If I need technical support, what do I do?

There are a couple of ways to get some technical help. You can call 0800 4 bucqi (0800 42 82 74) or email support@bucqi.co.nz

I have more than one outlet, how will that work?

No problem. Just complete a merchant application form for each outlet and choose how you wish to transact. You can use your own tablet, purchase or rent to buy from bucqi, use a mobile phone or transact through a computer. If you have different Bartercard Account numbers for each outlet simply enter/check the details on your application link to the correct Bartercard account.

Can I transact using our own point of sale system?

In the future it is our intention to be able to offer this facility. However it is not currently possible. It would be great to get some feedback from you regarding the system you use to helps us develop a solution based on what is being used by bucqi merchants.

Email us the details of the system you use: support@bucqi.co.nz

The QR codes that are used for payment, can these be replicated in any way so that rewards and funds go to a different account?

A unique code is generated for each transaction proposed. Once an individual has scanned the code it is locked by their device to complete the transaction.

How secure are credit card details once loaded on to the app?

All communication between the bucqi app and the bucqi servers is encrypted using an SHA-2 SSL certificate from Digicert. SHA-2 SSL certificate hashing is a cryptographic algorithm developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Security Agency (NSA). SHA2 certificates are more secure than all previous algorithms, and are being required in certain applications in place of certificates signed with the SHA-1 hash function beginning January 1, 2011. SHA2 (also known as SHA-256) SSL certificates meet all federal and PCI compliance standards.

Even though the information is encrypted, credit/debit card details are never stored in the app or on our servers. All credit/debit card information entered into bucqi is split using a unique algorithm (patent pending) the results in part of the card details being stored in the app and part on a bucqi server. Even in the very unlike event that a phone or one of the bucqi servers was to be compromised, no access to card details can be obtained, not even by internal bucqi staff.

This means only half the card details are stored in the app, the other half stored on servers. The two halves only come together at the point the transaction is authorised.