What is bucqi?

bucqi is the exciting new digital rewards app that gives you instant dollar for dollar rewards to spend on every day purchases at cafes, restaurants, mechanics, hairdressers and much more. You can either spend your bucqs at any bucqi business or save them for a rainy day.

How do I earn rewards?

Once you have downloaded the bucqi app, registered and loaded a debit or credit card you can use bucqi to earn real dollar rewards. Any bucqi outlet will give a minimum reward of 20% each time you use bucqi to purchase from them. Simply scan to pay and earn your reward.

How do I spend rewards?

Once you have rewards to spend you can do so in any bucqi outlet. These outlets will accept a minimum of 20% reward as part of a transaction. You spend the rewards dollar for dollar. Simply scan and pay to redeem your reward.

What if I don’t have enough rewards to cover the % the business is willing to accept towards payment of the total bill?

You will have two options open to you. Let’s imagine your total bill is $100. The business is happy to accept 20% (b$20) but your bucqi rewards balance is b$14. You can choose to pay $86 (using a card you have added to the app previously) and the b$14 balance of your rewards or pay $100 and earn a b$20 reward. This will mean your bucqi balance will have increased to b$34. You choose which option suits you best at the time.

How secure will my card details be in the bucqi app?

All communication between the bucqi app and the bucqi servers is encrypted using an SHA-2 SSL certificate from Digicert. SHA-2 SSL certificate hashing is a cryptographic algorithm developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Security Agency (NSA). Even though the information is encrypted, Credit/debit card details are never stored in the app or on our servers. All credit/debit card information entered into bucqi is split using a unique algorithm (patent pending). This results in part of the card details being stored in the app and part on a bucqi server. Even in the very unlikey event that a phone or one of the bucqi servers was to be compromised, no access to card details can be obtained, not even by internal bucqi staff.

How do I find places to use bucqi?

Once you have registered you can access ‘Places’ in the bucqi app. In here you can search industries in your area. The results will be shown in order of the total rewards % offered by a business. The highest total % will be shown first.

What are the benefits of using bucqi?

For each and every dollar you spend with a bucqi merchant you will instantly receive at least 20% back as bucqi dollars. This credit will appear in your bucqi app. You can then spend these dollar for dollar at participating bucqi outlets as part payment (again minimum 20%) for products or services within these local businesses.

Can I just load one credit or debit card?

You can load up to five debit and/or credit cards. Once you have registered, navigate to the ‘Cards’ area and follow the prompts to load or edit your cards. By loading more than one card you can choose which one is best to use for yourself at that time.

Can I pay using multiple cards I have added to the app for one transaction?

Only one card can be used at any one time to pay for a bucqi transaction.